Children's Consignment Sales

Tips for Going to a Children's Consignment Sale


There are Children's Consignment Sales in almost every state in 2024!  They are great way to find excellent lightly used (often looks like new), children's clothing, toys, baby clothes, maternity clothes, infant equipment, toys for children and infants, baby and children's furniture (cribs, rockers, etc.), strollers, books, cds, dvd's, video's, educational toys, baby monitors, and much, much more.

So what does a shopper (buyer) need to know?

Here are the tips:

  1. Sign up for the Pre-Sale if you can. You will get the best bargains.
    You can get a pre-sale pass by volunteering for a shift (typically 2 to 4 hours), or by selling (consigning), being pregnant or a new mom. In some cases, you can pay an early entrance fee, or go in with a friend who has a pass.

  2. Go early
    If you can't go to the pre-sale, be there before they open on the first day open to the public.

  3. Go on the last day
    Most sales have many (not all) items one half off on the last day, which is typically a Saturday morning.  Whether an item is discounted omn the last day is up to the seller and wil be marked on the tag.

  4. Know your children's sizes; measure them before you go.
    Measure inseams and pants lengths of your chidlren and bring a tape measure. Bring an outline of your child’s foot so you can tell if shoes (which often vary in size, or are sometimes marked only in Euro sizes) will fit your child.  This website has printable sizes cheat sheets to take with oyu.

  5. Bring a big bag; preferably something with wheel
    You will need a bag to carry clothes, toys, books, etc.  Believe me, they will get heavy! Many people use a laundry basket with a men's leather belt tied to it to drag it around.  Personally I think something with wheels is a lot easier!

  6. Wear comfortable clothes! Especially comfortable shoes.

  7. Be organized - go to your most important items first
    Usually this means going for the most expensive and hard to find items forst, like toys and electronics. Make alist in order!  Here is a rough idea of what is in highest demand, in order:
    Furniture (beds, desks, etc.)
    Electronic games, like Ninetndo, xbox, etc.
    Coats, jackets
    High value games and toys like Thomas the Tank engine stuff, Legos,

  8. What they don't sell
    Typically, consignment sales do not sell used mattresses, car seats, or car seat bases for liability reasons.

  9. Cash  is best - if not, bring credit card AND personal check
    Yes, some take credit cards, and that is starting to become more common, but there is usually a surcharge for it! If you bring cash, be sure to bring enough.  You will usually find more bargains than you expect!
    As more sales take credit cards, they are dropping taking personal checks; so check in advance; or bring both a personal check and  VISA, MasterCard, Discover. Almost none of them take American Express.

  10. Normally... All sales are final!
    So be sure you want it and it is in usable condition before you buy!

  11. Be prepared for long checkout lines, during peak hours.
    The longest I've ever waited was 2.5 hours in line.  That was ridiculous.  But a wait of 30 - 45 minutes in line is not unusual.