Children's Consignment Sales

Shoppers' FAQs for Children's Consignment Sales

What exactly is a kids consignment sale? Many churches, some mom's clubs, some non-profits and a few for-profit organizations hold community children's consignment sales twice a year (Spring and Fall) to allow families to sell gently used and new kids items

How can you shop the sale early?

Most sales have one or more categories of qualifications to shop at the "pre-sales". Every sale sets it's own rules. Many require proof, like a current military ID.  If you qualify or are willing to pay the early admission fee, you can get in ahead of the crowds and get first selection.

  • Consignors
  • Volunteers
  • New moms
  • Miltary families
  • Paid (typically $5, some as much as $10)

Can you bring your children with you to the sale?

Most allow you to, but unless your kids are really well behaved, it isn't a good idea. Sale are often very crowded and the kids get in everyone's way. , and overwhelming for the little ones. There is rarely ever a childcare area at the sales.

Can you bring children in a stroller?

Some sales allow strollers, some prohibit it completely, and some allow it only on certain days and hours.  You've got to check with the specific sale.

Is there a fee to get into the sale and shop?

Most sales are free to enter.  Some have an early-admission (or pre-sale) fee. And a small number do have an admission fee at all times.  When they have them, the regular admission fees typically range from $1 to $5.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All sales accept cash. Many take Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Visa/MC based Debit cards, although there is often a fee to use them. Some take personal checks with ID, but many do not. Very few take American Express.